What Can You Do About Regret?

What Can You Do About Regret?

What Can You Do About Regret?

Have you ever had days where you started to overthink your life decisions or what would have been different if you treated a situation differently? Did you feel this vicious negativity cycle hitting you harshly? Regret is one hard feeling that tights you all and makes moving on even harder. Things like "I wish I said I love you before he left," or "What would have happened if I listened to him more frequently and was beside him?" make your head burn and your guilt eat you alive.

Regret is an inner thought evolving from fear, fury, anger, mourning, and memories that rebirth negative feelings. All you can do is move forward from where you are, Avoiding them is applicable but is not easy as well. What can you do about them? How can you overcome them?

" Making peace with your regrets is not rocket science. "

Usually, when regret hits, a body alerts and prompts the brain to prepare itself to undergo a fight or a flight mode. This is a defense mechanism to soothe the pain that may encounter your thoughts and body. Making peace with your regrets is the first step of healing. Below are some of the ways to deal with regret.

Accept what you're feeling: Acknowledging your feelings without dwelling on them is the first step for growth. Accept the fact that these feelings are there but get past them as fast as you can. Question the reason you are feeling regret; you will finally be ready to make peace with it.

Know if your regret is justified: Try communicating with yourself to pinpoint the core reason for this feeling. Regretting something comes from something you already did or did not do in the past. Is it justified? Is it something to regret or are you overthinking?

Turn it to productivity: Often, people regret something because they were not potentially ready to start this battle. When regrets hit, people may feel a rush to fight them by doing what should have been done earlier. Productivity starts peaking and they start to accomplish way more than they usually do.

Learn to be grateful: Practicing gratitude whatever the circumstances are, makes it easier on yourself. If you regret not going to a specific city, be grateful that you are still safe and sound at your current residency. You can make a gratitude journal and write down everything you are grateful for.

Open up to your loved ones: One of the best therapies to soothe your regret a little bit faster is to talk about it with someone. Relieving some of the weight off your shoulders can make your regret feel a bit looser.





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