How to Overcome the Fear of Conflict

How to Overcome the Fear of Conflict

How to Overcome the Fear of Conflict

Being a nice and considerate person is crucial in having a peaceful genuine community. People always fight for kindness and compromise in their daily life and job life. But is that always acceptable? Should people stay calm and not defend themselves? In a workplace, people tend to stay calm to avoid conflicts. Social anxious employees have a higher tendency to fear and uncomfortable situations. Social anxiety increases the chance of people avoiding conflicts despite their right to speak up and defend their image; this leads to frustration, anger, and anxiety.

Some of the cases that may happen during conflicts like: "I always do all the work but my manager never gives me credits for it. I feel like my work and efforts are not being appreciated". Burying your feelings and bottling them up will lead to blows up and more anxiety. Below are some ways to avoid the fear of conflict and speak up.

Getting Over Your Fear of Conflict

Balance out being nice and being stiffer: Being nice should be the essence of your core but do not take this for granted. Being smart enough to know when to use your nice side is the real deal. Every work requires a stiff personality because staying weak grants you nothing but conflicts. Learn how to confront people with what you feel even if it was your manager. Make yourself present and get into the conversations you used to avoid because this is when you will gain confidence in yourself. Let it all out and stay relaxed.

Keep a calm and approachable attitude: When any inconvenience occurs, stay calm and approachable. You can't fight fire with fire. Even if you had a conflict with your boss stay friendly with your colleagues because they may have been experiencing the same thing as you do.

Start little by little: Advocating for your right and standing up for yourself takes time. You must acknowledge the main reasons behind your frustrations and anxiety. Is it from work or outside? Start journaling them and make a decent list of what to avoid and what to not.



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