Achieve Your Goals by Overcoming Obstacles

Achieve Your Goals by Overcoming Obstacles

Achieve Your Goals by Overcoming Obstacles

Do you want to change your life and have meaning out of it?  Do you wake up every day and try to fuel yourself with motivational speeches and podcasts ranting on being productive? You have all the needed tactics, notions, and ideas but you need to dodge a bullet. Reaching your goal starts with yourself acknowledging the obstacles you are facing. Overcoming these obstacles need a brave heart and true dedication.

Positive anything is better than negative nothing.


There are two different types of people, the ones that are eager to overcome and those that fear to overcome. Some press forward and stop obstacles from overcoming them and others let obstacles eat them up and tear them apart. Those who overcome hate being where they are till the rest of their lives and accept that obstacles are part of the journey. Some of the reasons why overcomers know how to do it are because of persistence and discipline. This doesn't make their hurdles and bumps any less than the people that aren't able to overcome. What differentiates them is the perspective and mentality both sides are adopting. Discipline is a valuable characteristic of success. They fall; they dust themselves up. They get knocked down; they fight for it again. Being stubborn and taking risks are vital reasons why such people are successful.

Four Factors Holding Us Back From Achieving Our Goals

  1. Fear: Fear of the unknown marks the major pitfall of our success and achieving happiness. Fear paralyzes our competencies and robs our confidence and momentum. The fear of what people think, of failing, of trying, of risks, and of making the wrong choice are all roadblocks to success. To kick off fear, you have to embed a brand-new mentality. Always remember that fear is a state of mind that clings to our neurons and drags us down. Live that adrenaline rush once again and inject the idea of fear unworthiness into your mind.

  2. Anger: Anger is the other side of the fear coin; they complement each other. When you are afraid, you will get angry about why this is happening. Getting angry when things aren't done the way you want yet holding into it for long is deemed devastating. Try not to linger on anger much to let it preserve its spark. Use it wisely; let it fuel you not engulf you

  3. Jealousy: Having what others have is effective and convenient to a certain extent but lingering on it distracts your growth. Accept the fact that what people have is theirs and what you have is yours. Learning and getting motivated by their success is powerful but getting envious is destructive. Focusing on others brings nothing but more failure and time lost. Everyone is racing a different marathon and everyone has his time to shine.

  4. Lack of Vision, Sacrifice, Effort, Planning, and Confidence: These five factors bind together to make a strong core for failure. Imagine if Google didn't put a clear vision and plan. What would have happened? Big achievements require well-reasoned, well-planned, well-put, and crystal-clear visions and plans. Ask yourself questions like what is my goal behind all this journey? What is the mantra that I am indulging to pursue? Where should I start from? All these questions will be your blueprint and roadmap to a mistake-free plan and journey.

Do You Think Being Successful Comes Without a Little Compromise?

Sacrificing the things you love and enjoy for the sake of achieving something you love more is the spice to it all. Letting go of leisure activities, some more sleep, and that vacation you have been longing to go to is worth it to achieve something more worthy. It needs a strong will and effort to accept that some things are better off losing to attain what is better having.

Last but not least, confidence. Be confident and hold onto your beliefs and mission. Stay confident for the sake of your well-being and your goal's success. Get up and stop being lazy or weak. This is your time to shine and be the person you have always been longing to be. Confidence gives you another type of charm that paves the way for your success. Chase your dreams and have faith in your ideas.

One small positive thought can change your whole day.


You were born and brought to this life for a reason. Reasons may differ but be sure that you are an omen to make this world better. There will be times where giving up is your only choice; fight it. Listen to that inner voice and keep fighting till you feel an adrenaline rush. Overcoming everything is a long hard journey but it surely is attainable. 

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